Drainage and Irrigation Systems


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irrigation system installation and maintenance Birmingham, AL

Water is a beautiful thing, and very necessary for all growing things, but water can also be destructive. In Central Alabama, we can have severe storms that can dump more storm water than the ground can absorb quickly. The runoff from heavy rain can cause flooding and erosion, so managing water in the landscape is essential.


Greater Birmingham and the areas surrounding have a lovely topography. The hills and valleys of the foothills of the Appalachians give the Birmingham area a lot of its charm. But to protect your landscape from flooding and from erosion, the landscape has to be planned to handle sudden deluges of storm water. Many communities are starting to realize that adding impermeable surfaces to an existing landscape creates additional needs for water management and containment. Runoff from new driveways and new building footprints has to go somewhere. 

We review your topography and plan how to manage the runoff from impermeable surfaces, roof leaders, slopes and adjoining properties. We reshape the area as needed to encourage water flow, and install French drains, swales, culverts, and retention and detention areas.

Irrigation Systems: Besides potentially destructive properties of water, we know that water is essential to plant heath and we design and install irrigation systems, including low voltage irrigation systems. We design them so that:

  • Water is directed only at plant materials, not at hardscape areas
  • Irrigation system heads do not provide tripping hazards and will not be damaged by nearby vehicles
  • Sensors stop irrigation schedules when enough rain is present
  • Systems are zoned based on the requirements of plant materials in various parts of your yard and garden.
  • The type of system chosen is most appropriate to your yard and your plants.

Rain gardens are slightly depressed areas that collect storm water temporarily, and allow it to become absorbed into the ground gradually. We install those areas with water friendly plants.

Swales are like dry creek beds that collect water from the surrounding area and channel it to an appropriate outflow. Swales protect the surrounding area from erosion by managing storm water flow. We like to build swales with river rock so they become a beautiful part of the landscape.

Talk with us about managing water in your yard. We will help you control storm water and will also help you provide gentle watering to your landscape to keep plants healthy, fresh and beautiful.

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